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Abacus Counting Bracelet

made by marni

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An abacus bracelet is a great tool for knitters and crocheters or anyone else who wants to count anything up to 99!

The bracelet is made of 2 columns, one column serves as the "ones" column and the other as the "tens" column. By moving the beads from light to dark or vice versa you can keep track of your rows.

Made using 18 colored glass crow beads and natural waxed cotton cord there are no clasps to break or give you trouble. 

The bracelet expands to remove and put on and adjusts by way of a macrame slipknot to fit snug on the wrist for counting. 

Wrist Size: Select the size that is either exact or smaller than your wrist so for example if your wrist is 6.5 inches, choose the 6" size to make sure it will fit snugly when cinched.

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