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Uptown Throw

made by marni

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There is something about a zig-zag or chevron design that always gets me. Maybe it goes back to my affinity for the Peanuts cartoon and Charlie Brown’s sweater, maybe it reminds me of the southwest United States, and maybe it just reminds me of the ups and downs in life. Anyway, I love it. So when I came across this 10 stitch, 18-row motif it sort of begged me to create a throw knitting pattern. And when I discovered the worsted weight yarn called “Uptown” by Universal Yarn, I thought that was a cool name for it. So the Uptown Throw Knitting Pattern was born.

The throw is knit using two strands of Universal Yarn Uptown Worsted, but really any worsted weight yarn will do as long as you love it, and it’s soft and cozy to the touch.